Grace Sweeney

General Manager

Grace is the co-owner and founder of Caps Fieldhouse.  As General Manager, she is responsible for overseeing all of the procedures, functions and programs at the Caps Fieldhouse.  It has been her life-long vision to build a sports facility to share her passion for sports and recreation with others, as well as build a home for Caps Football Club.  After 30 years of entrepreneurship, that dream became a reality in  2018.  She has a strong belief that sports, fitness and social interactions that come with them,  are very important to the overall psychological and physical well being of every person, and is especially important to the positive development of children.   


Grace was born in Poland, but grew up in the Cleveland Slavic Village area.  She married Mike in 1987, and they have one grown son, Ryan.  Together they started their first business, All Star Soccer Camps, and built at least 4 other soccer related businesses over the years.  They reside in Independence, Ohio and love to spend time with Family and Travel whenever possible.